Client Testimonials

Jack G. Dalton, Jr., Attorney At Law, Port Washington, New York

"I have worked with Picus Enterprises for the past few months on several different projects, including marketing communications, computer systems and training.

With each project I feel that I have gotten sound advice and quality deliverables. I feel like I have found a business partner who can make a real difference in my practice."

Brandon A. Palanker, Glen Cove, New York

"My company, Networked Now, had seen much success in its first two years in business – however we had reached a plateau. Picus Enterprises gave us the insight and knowledge to expand our services and reach new markets.  The result of working with Picus was so positive, I decided to build an entirely new business based upon the work Picus Enterprises conducted with me - resulting in the development of a business plan to build upon my current company’s successes. 

Picus Enterprises was an invaluable resource in the development my business concept resulting in an exceptionally strong business plan.  Together, we fleshed out a vision, and the means to achieve that vision. Picus Enterprises built a comprehensive financial model that allowed me to understand the financial consequences of several alternatives that we envisioned and to make the final determination on which approach to use. Kudos to Picus, and to Richard in particular.  We could not have done it without their insight, assistance and knowledge.

As an active member on the Board of the Glen Cove Chamber of Commerce, I am familiar with the numerous challenges that many small business face. I have already recommended Picus Enterprises and will continue to recommend their services to any entrepreneur that wishes to develop a strong business strategy – or a current business owner that wishes to increase their marketing reach and profitability.  They are informed, professional and a pleasure to work with.  Most of all, Picus Enterprises delivers results that will positively affect your business’ bottom line."

Bob Kathuria, Farmingdale, New York

"I heard about Picus Enteprises from a friend of mine who was a current Picus client.  So I met with Richard Strautman and explained that I was considering launching a new company to manufacture and market a new product line of nutritional supplements.

From the information received during our first few meetings, Picus Enterprises created a comprehensive and integrated process to strategize, build and launch this new company.

I have been consistently impressed with the breadth of capabilities and the quality of the deliverables of Picus Enterprises and its alliance partners.  Picus created the overall plan and has been helping me move through each of the stages to get my business going.  We are now nearing the launch of the new company and we have been able to meet the major milestones set out in the original plan.

Picus Enterprises helped me with a wide range of strategic issues, including an overall business strategy, clarifying my target markets, pricing, branding and creating an overall marketing plan.

But equally important was the ability of Picus Enterprises to provide many of the deliverables identified in the overall project plan. Picus deliverables included trademark filing, web address research and filing, product catalogs and brochures, countertop and wall mounted product displays, display ads, and trade show support.

If only I had heard about Picus Enterprises years ago when I first had this idea, I might have been able to launch this new business much earlier."

Marvin Appel, Appel Asset Management Corporation, Great Neck, New York




I have known Richard for more than 18 months in his capacity as facilitator of my TAB group, which includes one-on-one meetings to discuss issues pertinent to my investment advisory business. 

I have found Richard to be insightful on a variety of topics including marketing, Internet marketing and website design, sales, and personnel management.  Moreover, he is an excellent diagnostician of business challenges, as well as being very motivational.  He has helped me grow as a businessman.

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