Mohan Wanchoo, EC InfoSystems, Garden City, New York



I recently became a member of  The Alternative Board and have been working with Richard Strautman, who is my board facilitator. As the owner of a small business, I have found TAB and Richard Strautman to be extremely helpful in dealing with my business issues and activities.  Coming to a board meeting and presenting an issue or an opportunity and having other business owners discuss the pros and cons of different strategies and tactics has been extremely valuable.

I have also found Richard Strautman to be a very capable Facilitator and Consultant on a broad range of topics.  I have used his advice in personnel, sales management, business strategy, and marketing areas and have found him to be very prompt and responsive.  His advice has always been great, no matter what the issue or situation.  He is quick to come up with an answer to my questions and I really enjoy working with him.

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