CRM Software

There are many companies who offer Customer Relationship Management software. These solutions can run on your desktop or be accessed anywhere over the Internet.  They can cost a few hundred dollars or thousands of dollars, depending on your needs.

The following is a list of a few of these systems.

MS Outlook Many small companies keep their customer and prospect information in MS Outlook. Althougth this is not really a CRM solution, MS Outlook does interface with a number of true CRM products.
MS Business Contact Manager Particularly with version 2010, Microsoft now offers a competitive CRM solution.
ACT Now owned by Sage Software, there have been several new releases over the past few years, each one adding new features and functions. This is an affordable CRM solution that runs on a single computer or over a network. Salesforce is the leading suppler of CRM software that operates over the Internet. It is very powerful and offers excellent import/export functions. The cost to operate can be less than $10 per month per user, or much more, depending on your needs.
SugarCRM Built on Commercial OpenSouce code, this is a very cost effective CRM solution for many companies. It can be installed on your desktop or accessed over the Internet.
InfusionSoft Infusionsoft combines an Email Marketing System with a CRM system. It integrates well with your website and automatically populates your CRM system with leads from your website and email programs. Its Email Marketing System can build complex triggers and auto-responders that can be launched automatically based on actions that your customers and prospects take.
Soffront Soffront's CRM solution focuses on small/mid-market customers. One of the powerfull aspects fo Soffront is that it
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