Turning Your Business Vision Into Reality

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Management Consulting

Picus Enterprises is a performance-oriented consulting company for small and medium sized businesses, serving Nassau County, New York and the Long Island Community.

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business management, business planning, business plan, goal setting, business strategy

Business Management

Looking to create a business plan, raising money, define an exit strategy, re-define your vision and mission, we help small business owner set and accomplish their business goals.

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Marketing Services

We help you create and take advantage of your competitive advantage, by helping you define your strategic marketing objectives and executing a broad range of cost effective marketing and sales programs.

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The Internet

We specialize in user managed content management websites, traffic optimization and leading edge email marketing campaigns that drive people to your website and generate new customers.

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The Cycle of Business Growth

For each company planning on continuous growth, focus needs to be created and maintained in four major areas.

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