Business Dis-Synchronization

Understanding, recognizing and correcting for Business Dis-Synchronization is a critical element of business management.  The more your business is out of synch, the more it is at risk of survival.


Ask yourself these questions:


  1. Are you telling your customers one thing, yet knowing you will not likely be able to deliver?
  2. Are your customers needing things that your company is not able to deliver?
  3. Does your marketing materials say one thing and your salesman telling your customers something else?
  4. Do your salespeople know what the company can and can't do?
  5. Are your own time delivery percentages too low or dropping?
  6. Are you receiving lower ratings from your customer satisfaction surveys?
  7. Does your marketing message sound just like every other one of your competitors?

These are symptoms of having some or all portions of your business being out of sync. Picus Enterprises has developed a process that helps you understand these issues and put together a corrective action plan to put your company back in sync.

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