Creating Business Plans

Picus Enterprises has extensive experience in creating business plan and business presentations that help communicate your business to investors, management, employees, vendors, lending instutitions, and alliance partners.

Some business plans focus on telling a story of how your business can and will succeed in meeting the objectives defined in the business plan. Others are more financial investors where communicating the financials expectation and associated risks are important.

Some combine both the vision and the financial information. Creating a Proper Business Plan is both a science and an art form.  Click to read more about creating a good business plan.


There are many ways to format a business plan, but the following outline of a business plan is typical.

Executive Summary

In one or two pages present the main purpose and content of your plan

Company Summary

Summarize the key elements of your company and what will make it successful

Products and Services

Highlight major products and services offerings

Market Analysis Summary

Summarize how your company's products and services compete in your target marketplace

Strategy and Implementation Summary

Show how you expect to be able to implement the strategy that is outlined in the business plan

Management Summary

Highlight the major executives of your company

Financial Plan

Present highly summarized financial information showing how your company expects to operate under this proposal


Add necessary detailed information to support your business plan.

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