Business Vision to Business Reality

Whether you are a start-up business, a business who needs to refocus on improving your business performance, or a business in transition, the process of turning your business vision into your business reality is quite similar.

There are six phases that must be planned and executed. These phases and some examples of the work effort that supports these phases are shown in the table below.

Picus Enterprises helps you create a process that systematically identifies and defines the steps you need to achieve your business vision, goals, and objectives. Next Picus Enterprises can assist you in executing specific business, marketing, systems, and change management programs.

 Mission (Why)
Vision (How
Business Strategy
Marketing Strategy
Business Analysis
• Growth Objectives
• Profit Objectives
• Outsourcing
• Geographical
• Keys To Success
• Critical Issues
Market Analysis
• Target Markets
• SWOT Analysis
• Competitive Analysis
• Keys To Success
• Critical Issues
Business Planning
 Business Modeling
• Pro-Forma P&L
• Change Management
Marketing Planning
• Product Planning
• Service Planning
Business Tactics
• Legal
• Financing 
• Alliances
• Budgeting
Marketing Tactics
• Positioning
• Promotion
• Pricing
• Systems
• Accounting
• Cash Management
• Measurement
• Public Relations
• Marketing Collateral
• Marketing Programs
• Website Design and Implementation
• Sales Management
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