Integrated Modular Methodology

In 2014, Picus Enterprises launched our new Integrated Modular Methodology (IMM). This approach to offering consulting services has been in development for several year and was spring boarded by several changes that have occurred recently in the marketplace.

  1. First Exit and Transitional Planning has moved into the forefront of consulting offerings.
  2. Second John Warrillow completed his research on the factors that increase the value of a business and developed his Value Building System.

Fortunately Picus Enterprises, LLC has been one of the early adopters in both cases and has been trained and certified in both consulting methodologies. We have integrated these consulting offerings into our broad spectrum of management consulting offerings and modularized the entire process, so that we can bring these services to a broader range of clients at a price point that bring enhanced value.


These consulting offerings are grouped into four categories, as show above.

    The first phase focuses on working with the business owner to define the company's current business value and the owner's strategic goals and objectives regarding business value and their timeline to exit or transition from their business. This phase includes evaluating their business in light of John Warrillow's research on maximizing the value of their business and completing a Value Builder Score Report.
    This phase provides an in depth analysis of the factors that maximize the value of a business and develops a detailed plan customized for the specifics of the client's business.
    For those owners looking to exit or transition from their business, this phase goes through a 12 step process that results in a well defined plan to exit or transition from their business.
    This phase takes the results of the previous phases and develops a detailed implementation plan for accomplishing the owner's goals and objectives.  This phase can end with the development of a detailed plan or Picus Enterprises can assist the owner, as needed, to help manage the process and achieve specific goals and objectives.




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