Management Consulting

Picus Enterprises provides a wide range of management consulting services to startup companies, small businesses, and medium-sized organizations. These services focus on helping the business owner to define their strategic objective and to create specific plans to accomplish them. In this way, we help business owners turn their business vision into business reality.

The following list is a sample of services that we provide in this area:

  1. Conducting an all day business strategy session
  2. Helping to create a business strategic roadmap
  3. Helping to define obstacles in achieving strategic objectives
  4. Identifying necessary conditions that must be met in order to achieve strategic objectives
  5. Helping a company write its vision, mission, or value statement
  6. Creating a financial model that allows a business owner to simulate profitability and cash flow
  7. Generating a business plan that communicates a companies planned objectives
  8. Conducting a business Strength, Weaknesses, Oportunity, and Threat (SWOT) analysis

Strategic Planning is about creating a vision and direction for your company and determining what is required to get there. There are many valuable approaches to strategic planning, but ultimately they focus on two things: (1) creating new conditions that enable you make the journey, and (2) eliminating those obstacles that block your path.

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