Six Phases of Business Strategy


The first step is to clearly identify your business mission and vision of where you want your business to be and how you expect to get there.

Business and Marketing Strategy

Next we convert this vision into a high level business and marketing strategy that supports your specific business mission and vision.


The third step is to determine where your business is today in regards to your competition and your ability to deliver and execute your strategy. Keys to success and critical issues are identified.


From the business perspective, we then determine how the business can be transformed to support your strategies.

From the marketing perspective, we look for Unique Marketing Positions and develop Unique Sales Propositions and Articulated Sales Arguments that enable you to distinguish your business from your competition.

We also clearly define your products and services for each of your target markets.


Before we start executing, it is important that each identified business and marketing element is well defined and is properly structured to achieve your objectives.


Finally each element of the plan is systematically implemented.  Picus Enterprises can assist you in managing this process and/or in executing specific deliverables.

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