Infusionsoft Consulting

infusionsoft consultingInfusionsoft is a unique CRM system that has incorporated Business Process Automation into their CRM solution.  The software is an all-in-one sales and marketing automation solution that includes the following capabilities:

  • Integrated web-based form for your website
  • Sophisticated prospect activity monitoring
  • Integrated shopping cart that can be used by a variety of small businesses
  • Trigger behavior-based communications
  • Nurturing leads by use of follow-on marketing sequences
  • Automation of sales tasks
  • Excellent analytical reporting
  • Smart Autoresponders
  • Built in Social Media sharing tools and tracking capabilities

Picus Enterprises is experience in implementing Infusionsoft and in helping companies with the following Infusionsoft implementation issues:

  • Determining if Infusionsoft is the right CRM system for a company
  • Help create an overall sales and marketing strategy that in built upon Infusionsoft
  • Create a series of Infusionsoft workflow sequences
  • Create integrated web-based forms that capture information on a Company's website and automatically update a company's Infusionsoft database
  • Create smart marketing campaigns who launch workflows and adjust the choice of workflow activities based upon action taken by a company's customers and/or prospects
  • Create attractive graphic-based email campaigns
  • Create allocation and notification to salespeople of assigned leads

Call us at 516-467-4322 today to see how we can help you implement Infusionsoft and help you create a workflow based sales and marketing system that will distinguish you from your competition and generate new sales for your company. We provide Infusionsoft consulting services for companies located on Long Island, Nassau County, Suffolk County, and the greater Manhattan area.

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