Affordable Search Engine Optimization

There are many companies that provide highly effective SEO design and monitoring services. Larger companies can benefit from their services and can justify spending what these companies demand for their highly sought out services.

However for the vast majority of websites, SEO services have been priced out of their reach. The goal of Picus Enteprises is to make SEO services available on a more cost effective basis. SEO services is not appropriate for everyone, but now through Picus Enteprises, many companies can now afford to have their sites built based on SEO design concepts.

Our Search Engine Optimization Services focus on designing your website based on the two key factors of Relevance and Popularity that are used by the search engines to determine the order in which pages are presented to user requests, including the following:

Keyword Analysis

The first step is to conduct client interviews and keywood research to determine those key words and phrases on which the site will be built or modified. The objective is to determine which phrases, relevant to your business are being search for via the search engines. It does no good to build a great site for which no one is looking online.

The User Experience

Some SEO companies focus primarily on creating sites exclusively on keyword research. This is important, but also having a site that creates a positive experience for the user is equally important. These factors include page layout, graphic design, selection of images, ease of navigation, etc.

Page Content

At the heart of SEO design work is how the page is created. This includes the following:
1. Selection of the website's URL or URL's
2. Creation of the proper page Title, Description, and Keywords
3. Building the page using content that supports the selected targeted keywords for that page
4. Use of Header Tags, Alt Text, Internal Links and other techniques that help the search engines determine the relevance of your page to the requested phrase
5. Making sure that the search engine can see all the information that is important on the site. This usually means limited use of text inside of graphics, selective use of flash elements, and careful use of frame techniques, drop down menus, and pages requiring login.

Avoiding Potential Negative Design Elements

As the search engines have gotten more sophisticated in their methods of evaluating websites, they have built in analytical tools that attempt to determine when web pages use techniques merely to increase ranking that aren't relevant to the real value of the website. Some of these techniques that must be avoided include use of link schemes, landing pages, and duplicate pages.

Link Planning and Execution

There are two different elements of link planning and execution. Internally, both your readers and the search engines must be able to easily navigate through your website. Externally, search engines determine the popularity of your site based in part on the number of inbound links from other popular, relevant websites. Creating these links and securing these links takes both planning and follow on execution. More and more this involves creating links on social networking sites.

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