Content Management Websites

One of our specialties is implementing open source Joomla  or WordPress based content management websites. These are content management designs that store images, articles and website elements in a database. Each page is then built dynamically from elements stored in the database and presented to the reader of your website.



There are many reasons why content management websites are preferable to static HTML style websites:

  • These can be built from pre-developed Joomla templates that substantially reduce design time.
  • Joomla and/or WordPress Template designs cover a broad range of purposes, styles, configurations, and content
  • Changes can be made easily to most images and content.
  • Articles can be published, then unpublished, when they are no longer current.
  • An administrator panel is available to facilitate making changes to your content and requires little HTML or programming experience
  • New features can easily be added to any Joomla  or WordPress content management website. Examples would be an events list, an image slideshow, or a custom developed component
  • User can be given different kinds of access rights, allowing for public and private information to be shown.
  • Click on our link to review a detailed list of the benefits of having your website built using Joomla.


Even for those on a limited budget, a content management site can be a very cost effective way to create and maintain your website.

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