Pay Per Click

One way in which you can increase traffic to your website is to create Pay Per Click campaigns with the major search engines. There are several different types of programs. But they all share the following:

Keyword Research

The first step is to conduct client interviews and keywood research to determine those key words and phrases on which the campaign will be built. The objective is to determine which phrases, relevant to your business are being search for via the search engines. It does no good to build a great site and create marketing campaigns for which no one is looking online.

Campaign Management

The next step is to create one or more advertising campaigns that promote a page on your website. These show up in the Sponored Links section of the search engine. For many companies, this requires many different campaigns. You can even set up multiple ads in a single campaign in Google, and Google will automatically run the ad that gets the best click through rate.

Bidding Management

For each keyword under each ad campaign, you identify how much you are willing to pay. The higher you bid, the higher the likely position with the search engine. You don't have to be number one, but you should be on the first page.

Ongoing Tracking and Campaign Management

Like any traffic optimization program, reviewing results regularly and making of adjustments is usually recommended. This is particularly important for Pay Per Click programs.

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