Web Design Services

Our Web Design Services include:

Web Site Design Strategy

It is important that your website be built in the best way to service your target market. This is primarily a marketing issue, not a technology one. There are different types of prospects you might target and each may have different needs in terms of the type of information that is displayed on your website.

For example, there are three different reasons a person searches on the internet for information:

Graphic Design

Having an attractive site that communicates your message in colors, styles, and images most comfortable to your target audience is important in keeping prospects investigating your site and coming back in the future. Picus Enterprises can help you design your own unique style and build an image library that best communicates your marketing message.

Traffic Optimization

There are many different marketing and web design techniques that increase traffic to your site. These include cross marketing programs, one-way and two way site links, affordable search engine optimization techniques, and Pay Per Click campaigns. Picus Enterprises can assist you in selecting and implementing the methods that are right for your business and your budget.

Website Design and Implementation

Picus Enterprises transforms your marketing message for the Internet and creates a website for your company.  For some sites, we complete the design and implementation ourselves.  For other sites, we use alliance partners.

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