The Importance of Keywords

In order to build a website that will be found those searching the Internet, it is important that we develop a website that is keyword-based. Google and other suppliers provide keyword tools that allow us to study what people are searching for on the Internet and what our competitors have used to build their site. We also can learn through these tools what keywords others are paying for in their pay-per click campaigns.

It does not do a company good if they have created a website around words and phrases that are not being search for on the Internet, unless the sole purpose of their website is that of an electronic brochure that will be found by customers and prospects when they type in the customers Internet address.

Once you have determined what keywords people are using in searching for your product or service, you could do any or all of the following:

  1. Create articles and/or landing pages that are subject to one or a few keyword phrases
  2. Create links within your website or between websites that incorporate these keyword phrases
  3. Add keywords as "alt text" to images on your webpages. This will increase keyword density for that page. Better yet good images that display or communicate this keyword phrase.
  4. Added other words in your order core pages that are complementary to the selected keyword.
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