The User Experience

So often we get tied up focusing on how to drive traffic to our website via search engine optimization techniques and pay per click campaigns, we forget to focus on the person who has come to our website to evaluate our products or services.

The following are critical factors in developing a website that will attract a reader and let them know that they have come to a website that provides value to them:

  1. The website must be easy to navigate
  2. Pictures and images must communicate that this website will be of value to them quickly when they first land on our home page or on a landing page
  3. What we do and who we are, must be simply communicated
  4. The language of the website should be written focusing on their needs and their issues, and not be merely an electronic brochure telling them what we do
  5. For those readers looking for information, we should dedicate a part of our website to provide searchable information on one or more topics that would be of interest to our readers
  6. We need to let them know how we can help them and how to reach us for that help
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